Sexy lingerie-buying tips for men

There is a growing need for information for men when choosing the right lingerie for their wives and girlfriends because the purchase is often a gift for a special occasion. Special occasions like a honeymoon, anniversary, or vacation are a good reason to buy and wear lingerie. Relationships today may not be more complicated than they were in the past, but it is clear that lingerie is becoming increasingly popular due to several factors. A special occasion can be a loved one returning from a business trip or a weekend trip. Regardless of why they buy lingerie, men and women are often disappointed because the lingerie is not suitable for the woman who has to wear it, or in the worst case, it doesn’t even fit. Unlike flowers, jewelry, or dinner and a movie, lingerie must match.

As women express themselves through their clothes, lingerie is an important line of clothing that women wear in intimate settings and, increasingly, as outerwear. Men are often shy about entering our lingerie store. Adult men are reduced to babbling and stuttering when faced with the prospect of talking to another woman about their wife’s or friend’s underwear. When a man comes in to buy lingerie and is visibly nervous, I keep seeing it. Enthusiastic about the idea of buying lingerie for his wife or girlfriend, he meets a woman who asks him questions that he is often not prepared for.

While buying lingerie on the internet is much easier for men because of the anonymity factor, the problems of buying the right lingerie and finding the right sizes for the woman who will have to wear it remain. Most women love lingerie, but many don’t like the thought of having to wear what their husband or boyfriend chooses to wear. When women return the underwear, they often admit that they are the wrong size or that their husband must have bought it himself because the woman would never have purchased the item of clothing. Men require assistance in selecting the appropriate lingerie for the woman and the occasion. Understandably, many men love to see women in lingerie, but they need to focus on the woman they are buying it for, how it will look on her, and how she will feel about it.

Men know what they like, but that doesn’t always carry over to the women in their lives. Many men decide what their wife or girlfriend will look great in based on television programs or movies. While there is nothing wrong with that, it will not make the woman in his life happy. Men need to think twice before buying lingerie for that special woman in their lives. Many men walk into our shop and complain that their wives or girlfriends are not wearing the underwear they are buying. This is partly because the lingerie was purchased to fulfill a man’s imagination, regardless of the woman who would wear the outfit. A real girl who worries about modesty or her body image. Does that mean men are inconsiderate when buying lingerie? Yes, sometimes they are the way. They often believe what they like and ignore what the woman likes or wants to wear. Lingerie, unlike outerwear, does little to nothing to hide body imperfections, real or imagined, and it’s no wonder a woman refuses to wear anything that makes her look bad or feel bad.

Buying women’s underwear is no different from buying a gift. Thinking about the purchase increases the chance that the lingerie will be worn and appreciated. When purchasing a gift from someone else, consider a few factors. Think carefully about who you are buying this gift for. Is the present for her or me? A good gift is a gift that takes the recipient into account, not just what you like. But not only taking into account their feelings, but also knowing their tastes and characteristics, such as their height, weight, or favorite colors, can be the beginning of a gift that is not worn or cherished. Is it true that every thought counts? Of course not! If little or no thought has been given to purchasing lingerie, then perhaps it is the thought that counts and counts for very little. The idea of providing a woman intimate lingerie that exposes her body and is the wrong size, too revealing for the feminine sense of modesty, or the wrong color can be offensive.

This article is just a few suggestions to help men choose lingerie appropriate for the occasion and, most importantly, for the woman who will be wearing the lingerie. So let’s get started. First, the woman’s feelings! Never lose sight of the fact that you are buying lingerie for a living, breathing, thinking person. It’s not like buying a toothbrush or even a sweater. Lingerie has an emotional charge. That is one reason many men buy lingerie. This emotional charge can be great and is the basis for disappointment. After all, it is only reserved for the special person in their lives. Plus, it reveals some potential mistakes, real or imagined, that she probably doesn’t like to advertise.

Second, consider her clothing preferences and dislikes, any comments she may have made about various fashion styles, celebrities, and her level of lingerie comfort. Furious! If this sounds a little like an introduction to relationships, it is, and it isn’t. The truth is that buying lingerie requires knowing something about the recipient. Does that mean you shouldn’t be buying lingerie for someone you don’t see a lot about? Yes! Usually, there are those for whom you purchase lingerie and those for whom you don’t. Don’t buy lingerie for someone you don’t know, including your wife or girlfriend. First, learn who she is, and the rest is relatively easy. How long does it take to understand what she likes? An hour or more should do it.

Comfort is important because everyone has a different tolerance for things. Step gently, my friend. Lingerie should not be a test of your (or her) political will. Understand your comfort zone and go beyond it with some risk. The point here is to expand your comfort zone, but any attempt to injure you is likely to do more harm than good. Do you wonder if she likes it when you suggest new things, or does she prefer her tastes? Does she like the confident leader, or does she want to make her own decisions? Regardless of the answers, you know your wife or girlfriend, personality, and stated limits.

Is it all so difficult? No, not true. Most men know that their wives or girlfriends like to go to the theatre or a movie, stay home or party until the police arrive, or wear skirts and high heels instead of sweatpants and flip-flops. So please don’t turn it into rocket science. If you don’t know a woman’s likes and dislikes, ask! Ask her if she would wear the outfit you see in the catalog. What does she think of wearing a thong or a mini skirt or whatever? Whatever the answer, you can accomplish at least two things. On the one hand, you learn what she likes; on the other hand, you understand what she doesn’t like.

I call step three “fact-finding.” Get the information and collect the clues. When she takes a shower or goes to the store, check her panty drawer. Take a look at their clothing, preferably lingerie, panties, and bras, for the following information: She did lose their shoes: her weight somehow, or at least an educated guess. Every man should have a list of all of his partner’s sizes and personal preferences at all times.

It takes ten minutes of your time and should be updated from time to time to reflect weight loss or gain, changes in comfort zones, if any, and color preferences! Don’t forget about shoes, because a gift of shoes could make you the king of their kingdom. Buying shoes for a woman is not easy since styles often change. Women have specific preferences based on the time of year, the occasion, unique likes and dislikes, and other unique factors. If you have mastered buying shoes for the woman in your life, then you are here! Let’s start with something much simpler. Underwear

Now that you have an idea of your comfort zone and sizes, you are in step four of what I like to call surveying the landscape. You have a rough idea of what she wants; you know what it can fit into. Now you need to know what is available on the market. This takes a little longer than steps one, two, and three, as they are simple, while step four requires an internet survey and possibly a visit to a local store.

The beauty of internet shopping is offset by the disadvantage of not trying on items. This can be a significant disadvantage in some cases. I recommend shopping online, but be careful of a few things. Review the return policy and give them a call if you have any questions about what can be returned. Second, you should understand your sizing details as lingerie generally does not conform to standard sizes due to the nature of underwear and variations in products made abroad. Lastly, remember that the model wearing the outfit on the internet is likely 10–25 pounds lighter in real life and 5’4″ tall before putting on the 5-inch platforms and pinning the garment away, stowing it away. Possibly her body was adjusted like a second skin. She is a model, after all. Even if your girlfriend is or should be a model,

The benefits of shopping online are generally in choice, as few boutiques in your hometown stock the styles, colors, and brands available online. Also, the cost of items online is generally much lower than in retail stores. After all, the anonymity of buying lingerie from home is very different from driving to your local lingerie boutique store and bargaining for women’s underwear.

When you sit down to look at lingerie online, you are using your favorite feature generously. Why? Because you need to sit down with your girl to refine the search and maybe do a shop or two. What should you look out for when searching alone? This is where the information you gathered earlier comes in. What is your wife’s favorite role? Your legs, your stomach, or your feet? Here you start. Does she have a nice belly with a sexy belly button ring? Then a baby doll showing her tummy will likely fit nicely. Does she have floor-to-ceiling legs that drive men crazy? Then a lingerie set with stockings, suspenders, and a matching bra might be just the thing.

What does not work? If she is tall or weighs more than 160–165 pounds, avoid missy sizes. If she has a long waist, ignore the teddies and bodysuits. If she has very slim legs, stay away from hosiery. Does she have a big butt? Stay away from one size fits all.

Avoid Using These Colors! Any colors she doesn’t like and prints and designs that are risky, as they may not be to her taste. Colors that are safe-black, white, maybe red. Don’t go too far here unless you think she will like the color and it will be compatible with her skin tone. Color and style are inherently risky. You can experiment with pink, fuchsia, and other hot colors as these clothes are naturally hot. Although she doesn’t have hot pink as a favorite color, many lingerie items are made in hot colors for dancers and bedroom clothes.

If she’s a plus-size woman, the news is good as more and more manufacturers are making sexy lingerie for curvy girls. But make sure you understand the plus-size size information. Many women don’t get it because plus-size lingerie is often sold in extra-large sizes, from 1x to 6x. Be sure before ordering or ask the online customer service representative which size exactly fits your woman’s curves. Be ready to provide your height, weight, bra size, and waist measurement for properly sized lingerie. Be careful about buying plus-size lingerie, which is offered as a one-size-fits-all for most plus-sized women. This is a small risk, as a 1x is not the same as a 3x. Manufacturers do this to make the garment cheaper, not make it easier to buy. The same goes for women’s underwear, which is sold as a one-size-fits-all for most women.

A one-size-fits-all solution is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In the past, manufacturers marked these items with unit size. Due to bad experiences, the labels have been changed to read “one size fits all,” but many people assume this will fit everyone, and it doesn’t! Usually, but not always, a unit size means up to 5’6″ and up to 145 pounds. The unit size is very confusing to most buyers, and they must have a significant amount of spandex to fit.

When ordering online, choose a website with a toll-free number and a live person to speak to. Second, order from a site that maintains inventory. The vast majority of the websites are bedroom companies with little or no list. Third, beware of sites that are dropship only. While drop shipping is absolutely good and larger sites use some components of drop shipping, and only drop ship sites rarely have good product knowledge as they may only ship from one manufacturer and, since they have no inventory, they cannot develop product knowledge when they don’t have a checklist to retrieve the product and respond to specific requests. Often, all they have to do is call the manufacturer. Third, determine how long they have been in business online. Do you have a retail store? How high is your Google Page Rank? Don’t be afraid to ask. Reputable companies pride themselves on answering these questions.